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Our goal for all retirees is to focus on the income for Life Model™ to get them there. Lack of enough income in retirement is a major financial issue. It is one thing to grow wealth, but quite another to properly arrange it to guarantee an adequate income for the life of the retirees. The problem of inadequate income constrains investors, often at the worst possible times. Poor income planning deprives constrained investor of their best chances of maintaining their dignity in retirement. It causes them to suffer anxiety about their financial security. As the years pass, the anxiety only increases.

It is difficult for constrained investors to know how much of their savings they should spend each month. As a result, constrained investors are often deprived of the quality of life they would otherwise enjoy. Our unique approach divides assets into categories that provide more certainty in cash flow through retirement, no matter how long it lasts. These categories provide asset time-segmentation, an income floor, and inflation protection while allowing certain assets to maintain a growth trajectory.

 Those who have not planned for adequate cash flow in retirement suffer from what we call “Income Disease” and face a needlessly uncertain financial future. Our approach brings clarity and certainty to retirement cash flows, providing an “Income for Life™”. For more about our approach click here.  Our planning technique should begin about five years before or five years after retirement to be of most benefit.

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